Here are my best modules for Prestashop by FME

SEO Alt Tags Prestashop
SEO Alt Tags allows you to add different images with proper image descriptions to make it more SEO friendly and get higher rankings in search engines.  You can set unique description automatically for the whole online site. Prestashop Meta Tag ManagerPrestashop Meta Tag Manager allows you to add Meta tags, Meta description, and Meta titles top make your site more SEO. These tags will allow Google to recognize your website easily and give you high rankings in Google search.SEO Starter PackPrestashop SEO Module is a pack of two modules which included Prestashop Pretty URL, and Advance SEO. These are the most necessary modules to increase rankings for your website as well as increase traffic to your online store.SEO Ultimate PackPrestashop SEO Module is a pack of three modules Pretty Url, Advance SEO, And Meta Tag manager. These are the best advanced modules to increase your traffic and rankings in search engines. Prestashop Nofollow IndexPrestashop Nofollow Index allows you to handle your content telling Google which content to index and which not to. This module allows you to avoid indexing duplicate content of your site and avoid from spamming. 
 Prestashop restrict products by customer groupsPrestashop restrict products by customer groups allow you to make different sections of your customers on different role give access for each group of customers to the specific products and categories