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Take a workshop because in an overheated water enters a cylinder or more. The mechanic made a copper joint and put the screws of the lid used, he told me that water was still entering the chamber that sefuro was one of them burst. My question is if it is possible that the board and screws could be the real problem?

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Hi, Willy.
Supposedly the lid was checked and checked its plane beforehand and the leakproofness test was carried out. The asparagus is never used because they have already been subjected to the torsion pressure and lose their tolerances and properties by tightening again. The mechanic knows as a basic principle this situation, besides taking risks of cuts of asparagus in this condition in which case it will be doubted if the tightening of the lid is correct.
With regard to the shirts in principle, a visual inspection will be carried out carefully with the help of a special magnifying glass, for example the color blue, yellow, possible horizontal or vertical cracks in points of origin of failure that the mechanic must specify. This condition is not normal, except that immediately after the reheating cold water is poured into the refrigeration system.
I thank you for the answer, I do not understand much about mechanics, I insisted to the mechanic that I bought the new asparagus and the original gasket, so that of the grinder who had to change the shirt offered to buy the car for coins and the mechanic wanted me convinced, returned me the car half unarmed I charge double because I did not remember the balance I paid, I had many doubts about it, I thank you very much to try to change gasket for original, new asparagus and good oil coolant etc.